Very Innovative Product

VIP Hair Colour Shampoo

Vip Hair Colour

Hair Colour Shampoo

The VIP Hair Colour Shampoo is an all-in-one hair product that not only serves as a hair colour, but also as a shampoo & conditioner.

Vip Moustach Colour

Moustache Colour Shampoo

As a mustache color shampoo, VIP Hair Color Shampoo is the most popular choice among guys.

Vip Beard Colour

Beard Colour Shampoo

VIP the leading manufacturer of the best hair colour shampoo in India, presents the first ever beard colour shampoo in India.

Vip Chest Colour1

Chest Colour Shampoo

As a chest hair color shampoo, VIP Hair Color Shampoo is the most popular choice among guys.

Very Innovative Product

VIP Hair Colour Shampoo

Hair is the first thing that you notice in someone, it gives you an identity and also the opportunity to make an impressive first impression. Whereas, hair greying is a natural phenomenon that is inevitable and non-reversible condition. But VIP Hair Colour Shampoo, the best hair colour shampoo in India brings you an excellent solution; you can say hi to your youthful days again sooner within lesser time than you thought. That’s where we stand out, with our prime quality and unique features. 

For the first time in India, we present to you the most trouble-free hair colouring experience at home you’ve ever had not only for your head but for hands, chest, beard & moustache; with the best hair colour shampoo, the greys vanish in around 15 minutes. This 3-in-1 conditioner plus shampoo based hair colour gives you permanent hair color which is tear-free.

VIP hair Colour Shampoo Black
Vip Hair Colour Products

How to Use

Instant Hair Colour Shampoo

Without any gloves, wet your hands before using the hair colour shampoo – VIP Hair Colour Shampoo. Squeeze out the required amount of content from the instant hair colour shampoo bottle directly on your wet hands without any bowl or brush. Caress the shampoo in your palms and rub it thoroughly until it produces a lather and apply this formed white foam onto your dry hair uniformly that is free of oil and dust focusing more on the greys. Gently massage it on your grey hair for 2-3 mins. Hands should be washed with soap or hand wash within 3 minutes of contact. Wait for 15 mins and rinse off the hair colour shampoo from your hair with adequate water. You will see the best results. This hair colour shampoo colours your grey hair and also conditions it too. The hair colour shampoo sticks only to the hair and never onto your skin, giving a natural-looking hair colour.

Before use & After use

Best Hair Colour Shampoo

The VIP Hair Colour Shampoo comes in both Black and Brown colour. You can choose the best shampoo hair colour from the options available.

Before After

Our Features


1st Time In India

The best hair colour shampoo in India to colour grey hairs on head, hands, chest, beard, and moustache

3 In 1

3-in-1 Hair Product

The easy hair colour shampoo is a 3-in-1 hair product which acts as Hair Colour, Shampoo & Conditioner

Shampoo Icon

Trouble-free Hair Colouring

No gloves, no brush and no bowl are required to use this hair colour shampoo

Women Hair Colour

Pleasant Fragrance

This hair colour shampoo is tear-free with a pleasant fragrance of pearl extract.

15 Mins Result

Quick Hair Colour

Get amazing results in just 15 minutes with no stain on hands, neck and forehead

Grey Coverage

100% Grey Coverage

This hair colour shampoo ensures 100% grey coverage and a sustained hair colour for longer period

5 In 1

Hair Colour Options

The VIP Hair Colour Shampoo is available in both Black & Brown colour options

Hair Dye

Unisex Hair Colour

VIP Hair Colour Shampoo is the best hair colour shampoo for both men and women.

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VIP Hair Colour Shampoo


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Our Certificates

We have been awarded various prestigious certificates which prove our authenticity and fair business practices. We possess the patent certificate approved for composition and preparation of hair colouring liquid. We have two certificates of registration for design for our product- bottle for cosmetics. Moreover, we have received the certificate of registration and a certificate of compliance for good manufacturing practices. Ultimately, these certificates reflect our superior brand value in its entirety.

Our Certificates

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    Years of impeccable and successful work

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The exceptional hair colour shampoo – the VIP Hair Colour Shampoo has changed the old conventional method of hair dyeing and introduced a new innovative all-in-one hair colouring product that serves as a hair colour, shampoo & conditioner. Due to its convenience of easy application without any requirement of gloves, brush and bowl also for its exclusive feature of applying on almost all body parts where the body hair needs to be seen shiny such as head, hands, chest, beard, and moustache, this hair colour shampoo has gained a huge popularity among men and women alike. And now there are millions of users who are satisfied and continue to use it as they find it very effective, also the number of users continues to rise

This hair color shampoo with a pleasant fragrance of pearl extract can be applied using your bare hands which ensures that you a get an even and uniform hair colour on your grey hairs. Get instant hair colour with the shades of Black or Brown that guarantees sustained hair color for a longer period of time and with the help of other essential herbal ingredients in the VIP Hair Colour Shampoo, it helps to strengthen your hair, keeps your hair healthy and gives a natural-looking hair colour.

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